International - LéaV

Off-site construction in the face of the Anthropocene

Call for papers - International symposium

The international symposium is organised by the LéaV research laboratory of the ENSA Versailles, in partnership with the social housing promoter Immobilière 3F and the Maison de l'Architecture Ile de France. It will stress the current state of prefabrication or “off-site construction”, with a specific focus on environmental issues.

19th and 20th of October 2023, Maison de l’Architecture Ile de France

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Proposals for papers

This call for papers is addressed to professional architects and to researchers of any discipline. Proposals should either focus on one of the three above mentioned themes: prefabrication in relation to “Ecology and Environment”, “Fabrication Methods”, “Typologies, Styles and Aesthetics”, or propose a transversal and/or historical reading.

They must include :
- A title
- A 350 word abstract
- A short presentation of the author (10 lines)
They must be sent to the following address before 5 May 2023:


- 5th of may 2023 : Deadline for abstract submissions.
- 2nd of june 2023: Selection of successful proposals.
- 20th of september 2023 : Deadline for full paper submissions.
- 19th & 20th october 2023 : Conference.

Location and dates
- 19th and 20th of October 2023, at the Maison de l’Architecture Ile de France, 148, rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris

Organising committee
- Laboratoire LEAV
- ÉNSA de Versailles
- Maison de l’Architecture Ile de France
- Immobilière 3F

Scientific committee
- Stéphane Berthier, Lecturer at ÉNSA Versailles (committee president)  Jean-Patrice Calori, Professor at ÉNSA Versailles
- Jean-François Caron, Professor at ENPC
- Luca de Franceschi, Immobilière 3F Architecture and Sustainable Development Director
- Yvan Delemontey, Architect at the Office du Patrimoine et des Sites du Canton de Genève
- Eva Madec, Engineer-Architect, PhD student, LéaV
- Léa Mosconi, Maison de l’Architecture Ile de France President
- Gabriele Pierluisi, Professor at ÉNSA Versailles
- Philippe Rizzotti, Architect, PhD student, LéaV
- Nathalie Simonnot, LéaV lab director
- Susanne Stacher, Professor at ÉNSA Versailles