Towards Territorial Transition

Groupe de mémoire de fin d'études coordonné par Emilie Gascon et Ingrid Taillandier

This course is dedicated to the international master “Towards Territorial Transition” (miv-TTT). It is nevertheless opened to international exchange students and on-demand to other students whose preoccupations or interests coincide with the group themes: territorial landscapes and processes, systemic interrelations and, urban and/or rural ecologies, for today and tomorrow environmental, climatic, and social scenarios.

Apart from the themes, particularities to this course are to develop personal tools for analysis and communication and to show that both theoretical contributions and practical observations are project material and food for (critic) thought.

M1. Aims at starting the elaboration of an individual master thesis by withdrawing a problematic from a criticised context and by sketching a research framework and a programme of actions to engage. It ends with the elaboration of research questions and/or hypotheses and the selection of case studies and tools for analysis.

M2. Aims at conducting the research and writing down the master thesis report conclusions. As M1 is focused on the specifications of the research, M2 is focused on the production of results and lessons.