Workshop Intelligent fabrication T32
A Haystack Pavillon

The Versailles School of Architecture is holding its annual "intelligent fabrication" workshop, which will take place from June 19th to June 29th 2023. This year’s special guest is Dr. Gilles Retsin who’s work investigates the topic of ‘discrete architecture’, digital technologies, automation, digital theory, housing and economic platforms.

coordinating teacher : Klaas de Rycke

"A Haystack Pavillon", Workshop T32, juin 2023

The National School of Architecture of Versailles has set up an experimental construction workshop to discover different materials and differents constructions technicals. ( This year the hay is put to the test, an organic material whose technical and constructive properties allow load-bearing structures).
The workshop is the beginning of a master’s project workshop aimed at creating a pavilion for the French Equestrian Federation for the 2024 Olympic Games.