Getting started in ÉNSA Versailles

Accommodation ♦ Private housings ♦ CAF: French housing financial aid

Studio L1, double parcours architecte/ingénieur, 2022

CROUS (as regional centers for student services in France):
The first choices of many students are CROUS residence halls for the advantages they offer:

  • the monthly rent is low (400€ to 500€ in the Parisian region);
  • occupants can be eligible for housing aid from CAF (France’s family assistance fund);
  • the buildings are close to campus and high education schools.

and the opportunities for social interaction with other students are plentiful.

ÉNSA Versailles has an agreement with CROUS to reserve a quota of studios in student residences for exchange students near Versailles. In order to reserve a studio, you are asked to send the request form to ÉNSA Versailles two or three months prior to your arrival in France.

Many other choose the route to share space with other students or rent a room in local household, private apartments. Rooms and apartments are rented on the real-estate market in Versailles, either through an agency or directly from an individual property owner.

The prices are those that prevail on the open real-estate market. Expect to pay at least 500 to 800€ depending on the place whether it's around Versailles or Paris.

You can find all student housings information and addresses on Campus France website:

OTHER TIPS: exchange with ÉNSA Versailles outgoing students

Our outgoing students sometimes happen to release their rooms or apartments before their mobility departure. Our international office can put you in contact with our outgoing students who wish to exchange their accommodations with you.

International students can be eligible for the CAF if you live and pay the rent of an apartment, a furnished rental, a studio or a flat share in France.  Here follow you can find the conditions of application: CAF Application flyer

Before applying, you must open a French bank account to receive the CAF financial support.