Intelligent fabrication - Workshop & lectures

As part of the annual Intelligent Fabrication Workshop led by Klaas De Rycke at ÉNSA Versailles, a series of both online and off-line lectures will be open to everyone. The 2024 edition focuses on building bio-sourced materials (wicker/wood) for roof structures using a parametric workflow for balancing structural performance and digital manufacturing.

Following a century dominated by materials like iron, steel, and concrete, the construction industry is witnessing a renewed interest in natural materials. However, biomaterials often exhibit poor performance in bending, necessitating a strategic approach to decomposing forces into tension and compression to optimize their use: +/-. Given the current environmental challenges, it is imperative to design thoughtfully and consume less material: +/-.

The workshop serves as a final moment of the bachelor years and should open to prospective elements that can open up new ways of conceiving architecture. It should also be a workshop that opens the perspective of the students on research as an integral part of the project, of their professional outlook and of their master years.

For this, in parallel of the workshop, a lecture series will feature leading academics and practitioners who are pioneering the field of digital fabrication and natural material construction. The lecture series is also part of a scientific seminar in the ongoing research at LéaV on “experience/experimentation” by Dr. Stéphane Berthier and Klaas De Rycke.