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énsa-v - Brigitte Beauchamp
Dépôt des dossiers de candidature : 25 mars 2018
Une formation professionnelle continue diplômante

L'actualité en bref

Date d'ouverture de l'application eCandidat pour la rentrée 2018 : du 19 mars au 21 avril 2018
Rentrée 2018 / 2019 - Master Jardins historiques, patrimoine et paysage

L'actualité en bref

énsa-v - NEF
Du 19 février au 2 mars 2018
Workshop Digital | Fabrication Intelligente

L'actualité en bref

BA, cycle 1



BA in architecture (diplôme d'études) at the close of a 3-year course.
Students master the basics of architectural culture, understanding and practise of architectural projects and design processes.


Curriculum organization

The 3-year course BA provides students with foundation courses in architectural projects in relation with the town. The pedagogical organization encourages pluridisciplinarity by offering the possibility to exchange and collaborate with coursework on architectural projects and associated fields (technical thinking, humanities, history, artistic culture).
Coursework is broken up into 6 semesters worth 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) of which 106 are dedicated to project teaching. The BA course is made up of 26 credits.

European credits (ECTS)
ECTS are common to all European countries. Each credit corresponds to a numerical value and a workload to be carried out. Students obtain 30 credits per semester. This system makes equivalents and comparison between European study programs easier in order to encourage exchange programs.

Project teaching

The ensa-v offers two types of project:
- the long project (10 to 13 weeks of coursework and seminars) which focuses on coursework and individual corrections under the supervision of a teacher on a common syllabus;
- the studio project (4 to 5 weeks) which involves grouping students into teams and giving them a privileged meeting space to work on pluridisciplinary experiences.

Associated subjects

They further students' general knowledge (social sciences-history) and enable them to master techniques specific to architectural projects (technical thinking- artistic knowledge).


There are two compulsory internships :
- a 15-day "building site" internship during the 2nd semester
- a one-month "first experience" internship during the 4th semester so that students can apprehend the wide-range of professional practises.

A final paper

The BA closes upon the production of a final paper which is an in-depth paper on an associated subject that students choose (technical thinking, humanities, history, artistic knowledge). They produce this paper in groups of 5 to 10. Based on scientific knowledge, the paper must be defended in front of a pluridisciplinary panel who assesses students' knowledge and communication skills.

Language teaching

Languages are taught throughout the three-year course to prepare students for international exchange programs carried out during the MA cycle (English, German, Spanish, Italian).